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UpFront Notes

I’ve never embarked on a fly-fishing trip without intending to catch a fish. But over time I have learned that not catching fish can be part of the equation.

  • By: Greg Thomas


Photographer: Adam Tavender
Subject: Right from the start of a recent Babine River raft trip a friend from Colorado talked about firing off a few of the shotgun shells he’d brought. He called them Dragon’s Breath, so I knew they must be good. Ostensibly, they’re meant to frighten away nosy bears.

  • Photography by: Adam Tavender

Low and Slow for Winter Trout

During winter’s low-light period, fish need to conserve energy or at least use their energy in an efficient and sparing way. In doing so, winter fish often move deeper or at least lower in the water column, much like a trout would during summer to avoid high water temperatures near the surface.

  • By: Kelly Galloup

Andrea Larko’s Whimsy

I LOOK AT A LOT OF ARTWORK. USUALLY I’m trying to learn something from it, the process by which it was produced, or something about the person who created it. Other times I’m simply curious. Very rarely does artwork make me laugh.

  • By: Bob White

Trout Infestation

THE feds and the State of California have wiped out self-sustaining trout in dozens of high-Sierra ponds with gillnets and electro-fishing gear; and they plan to wipe them out in hundreds more, some with rotenone. Should you care? Absolutely.

Should you be outraged? Absolutely not.

  • By: Ted Williams
  • Photography by: Ralph Cutter

Frost Heave

AFTER A 13-HOUR SOUTH-BY-SOUTHEAST voyage, Tom Hazelton and I have finally arrived in the Cumberland Plateau, and a Tennessee native—Towee Boats’ Captain Todd Gregory—is giving us a tour.

We take in ancient, tortoise-dome mountains, woodplank barbecue shacks, and yes, it’s true, the Tennessee trinity—that being Dollar Generals, churches and sex shops.

  • By: Dave Karczynski
  • Photography by: Tom Hazelton

Fool’s Errand

In mid-August we flew to the headwaters of the George River at Lake Juliet, just over the Labrador border in eastern Quebec, and launched a pair of 20-foot fiberglass canoes. As far as we knew, we’d be only the fourth party in more than 100 years to canoe this part of the river.

  • By: John Gierach
  • Illustrations by: Bob White
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