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Dogs are part of the fly-fishing landscape, and whether they are obedient or delinquent, cute and cuddly, or just hellhounds with a mouthful of teeth, they’re entertaining. And, as long as they aren’t swimming through a prime pool, and instead are waiting patiently on the bank with not a nail dipped in the drink, they make a day on the water that much better.

  • Photography by: John Sherman
  • , Barry Beck
  • , Tosh Brown
  • , Darcy Bacha
  • , Val Atkinson
  • and Zach Matthews

Guide Flies

jLONG after striped bass shed their springtime sea lice, and warm water sends most of them offshore to cooler environs where the herring play, a few tricky individuals remain, tempting the most dedicated angler’s patience and pride. Bass of all sizes, no longer as aggressive as they were just a month or two before, feed with discretion.

  • By: David Skok
  • Photography by: David Skok

Personal History

jDeep in the blurry throws of engagement, I stepped out of a skiff on Alaska’s Nushagak River and said to my fiancée, Jen, “Yeah sweetie, you get first water all week long on this gig.”

  • By: George Cook
  • Photography by: George Cook

An angle on art

jSCOTT WELLS IS A GYOTAKU printmaker who works in a technique that few of us have seen and even fewer can pronounce. Until I met Wells, I simply referred to his work as “fish printing.”
However, once you understand the art, the name makes a lot of sense. Gyo, in Japanese, means “fish,” and taku means “rubbing.”

  • By: Bob White

Premium Cooler Throwdown

  • By: Zach Matthews


  • By: Chris Santella

If You See a Chance, Take It

jSOME PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE luck. And if you were Amy Trina on March 30, you definitely had it. That’s because she was fishing Abergris Caye out of San Pedro, Belize when she hooked into a fish that some anglers spend a lifetime trying, often unsuccessfully, to catch.


Saving America from a Clean Chesapeake
Recovery of the estuary that provides 75 percent of the Atlantic striped bass population is being fought by 21 states, only one of which is in the watershed.

  • By: Ted Williams

Practical and Useful

A Few Tiny Flies, A Few Tiny Tactics
Be prepared when trout focus on diminutive insects.

  • By: Dave Hughes


Ask most anglers what equals summer fun for them, and they’ll answer, “Trout.” But what to do during a heatwave, or high water, or when your favorite stream gets hit hard by the angling hordes?

  • By: Zach Matthews

Three Rivers by Moon


  • By: Dave Karczynski

UpFront Notes

I’ve always gone for the glory fish, mostly wild trout and steelhead, but tarpon, bonefish and salmon, too.

  • By: Greg Thomas

Trails in the Clouds

If I’m going to rot in hell some day it’s because I stuck a rock—at least a four-pounder—in a friend’s backpack just before he headed up a demanding trail into Montana’s Absaroka Mountains. Eleven hard miles in, while unloading his gear, he discovered my prank.

  • By: Greg Thomas

Sporting Life

  • By: John Gierach
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