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Fly Rod & Reel, March 2010

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  • Quality and Value
  • Wither Maine Char?
  • Peacocks in the Agua Boa
  • Sand Flats Shrimp
  • Cool Doodads
  • Dries When the Snow Flies
  • Reader Letters
  • Trout at the End of the World
  • Northwest of Normal
  • Next Steps in Island Park, ID
  • Subtle Barbs
  • Into the Off Season
  • Greatest of All Time
  • Digital Cameras
  • Time Away from Time
  • Fly-Casting Therapy
  • Last Call


Quality and Value

Upgrading the magazine for you, our readers.

  • By: Joe Healy

Wither Maine Char?

America could lose these beautiful and unique fish before most anglers even realize we have them.

  • By: Ted Williams

Peacocks in the Agua Boa

" On my first day fishing the Agua Boa, an upper tributary of the Amazon River in Brazil, I learned that a peacock bass is not like a largemouth bass..."

  • By: James Prosek
  • Photography by: Val Atkinson

Sand Flats Shrimp

I received my 2010 Umpqua Feather Merchants flies and materials catalog a few days ago and went right to the listing of flies to see what’s new. In scanning the “Saltwater” section, I counted nearly 100 bonefish flies. Not many of them resembled the little shrimp I saw when I snorkeled the Bahama’s flats some years ago. Nearly all of these flies contained enough material from which to make two or three patterns and there was way too much flash in both the body and “wing.” In fact, some of the old favorite, sparsely tied flies were missing from the collection.

  • By: A. K. Best

Cool Doodads

Gadgets, accessories and other must-have items of angling convenience.

  • By: Ted Leeson

Dries When the Snow Flies

" On spring creeks and tailwaters throughout the country, some of the year’s best and loneliest dry-fly action happens from December through late winter."

  • By: Chad Mason

Reader Letters

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Trout at the End of the World

Argentina's Rio Irigoyen is one of the angling world's newest options for trophy sea-run brown trout.

  • By: Sebastian Hope

Northwest of Normal

Fly-fishing literature has new allies, even as old friends of the genre surrender—for the moment—to devolving exigencies of the publishing world. Skyhorse Publishers has picked up slack since 2006, with class-act books by William G. Tapply, Peter Kaminsky, Ted Williams, Ted Leeson and E. Donnall Thomas, Jr., among others. Now comes Barclay Creek Press, entering our world with a novel by John Larison. (At HQ, Fly Rod & Reel Books was launched in autumn 2009, with Fresh Water Gamefish of North America and In Hemingway’s Meadow, worth checking out.)

  • By: Seth Norman

Next Steps in Island Park, ID

SPECIAL REPORT: WorldCast Anglers, the owners of the A-Bar property proximate to the Henry's Fork in Island Park, discuss plans for the future.

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Subtle Barbs

Finding the right amount of barb for your hooks will ensure better hookups and more fish landed.

  • By: Chico Fernandez

Into the Off Season

The conceit among trout fishers is that we’re all such unreconstructed fanatics that when fishing possibilities dwindle over the winter we go quietly insane. In fact, some do—and not always quietly—but others seem to take the break more or less in stride and a few even think it’s “good for the soul,” as Nick Lyons once said, to have an off-season for rest and reflection.

  • By: John Gierach

Greatest of All Time

Are steelhead to fly-fishing what Mohammad Ali was to boxing?

  • By: E. Donnall Thomas

Digital Cameras

  • By: Buzz Bryson

Time Away from Time

Midway through 2009, I couldn’t complain about the angling year. I started in January chasing sea-run cutthroats around Washington’s Puget Sound, and then migrated north to the Queen Charlotte Islands for steelhead. By April I was throwing Spey on the Skagit River and shortly after, I was doing the same in Oregon on the North Umpqua. Right after that I headed to Maine for landlocked Atlantic salmon. In May I was in southeast Alaska putting the smackdown on more sea-run cutthroats and steelhead, along with some meaty dolly varden.

  • By: Greg Thomas

Fly-Casting Therapy

The therapeutic value of fly fishing.

  • By: Phil Monahan

Last Call

Raise a glass to Closing time at an east Idaho fly-fishing oasis. "The A-Bar is so fondly regarded by fly fishermen that writer Kirk Deeter described it in a lyrical tribute in Big Sky Journal as the student union of The University of the River, Henry’s Fork Campus."

  • By: Jim Dean
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