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UpFront Notes

I didn’t really think about potential ramifications until I saw a guy from Nevada driving by in my F-150 pickup.

  • By: Greg Thomas


Photographer: Patrick Clayton/Engbretson Underwater Photography

  • Photography by:

Eat Smart

jWhether it is the short road to the local creek or the long road across borders, one thing almost no fly angler forgets to do is pack and/or stop for food. A quick stop for coffee and donuts, then you hit the water. For lunch, you have a sandwich, maybe two. You include chips, some cookies or a candy bar, and a soft drink too.

  • By: Michael Gracie


j Want to swing flies on Russia’s Kola Peninsula for Atlantic salmon? Or maybe you’re looking to hit the Bahamas, and are willing to forego numbers for a shot at an honest double-digit fish? In 2014, booking such adventures is as easy as a few taps on your tablet.

  • By: Chris Santella

Pro Tying

This innovative and small crawdad is a bass-sticker in Arizona and beyond.

  • Photography by: Emily Lilienthal

Rio Marié

Four hundred miles of fly-fishing-only water for peacock bass.

  • By: Dave Sherwood

an angle on art

Jeff Kennedy
Skills in many media

  • By: Bob White


Bristol Bay River Academy
An Alaskan fishing academy could be a model for all angling communities.

  • By: Dave Sherwood


Wide and Deep
Tales and Recollections from a Maine Master Fishing Guide
By Randy Spencer
2014; Skyhorse Publishing
272 pgs; hardcover; $29.95

  • By: Seth Norman


IF YOU THOUGHT THE PROPOSED Pebble Mine in the Bristol Bay area was the most rash and reckless development scheme ever to threaten Alaska’s fish and wildlife, you’d have been wrong.

  • By: Ted Williams

Practical and Useful

  • By: Dave Hughes

First Bill

Thirty-seven volcanoes rise from the Guatemalan landscape. During an average three days of angling out of Guatemala’s Casa Vieja lodge, in Puerto San José, a guest might expect to raise twice that number of sailfish. To be clear, the fishing isn’t always that good; sometimes it’s better. Much better.

  • By: Crai Bower

Angler of The Year

The pr people had a tough task ahead of them. Their bosses—an international multi-billion-dollar syndicate, headed up by a Canadian mining company called Northern Dynasty Minerals—wanted to start digging on a new project.

  • By: Zach Matthews

Big, Dumb and Half Blind

I’m not into numbers as a way to describe the quality of a fishing trip. If I were, half my life has been wasted on Pacific Northwest steelhead, where a tally of one a day, especially during the cold and rainy winter season, is about as good as anyone can hope for.

  • By: Greg Thomas

Prose To Poetry

Bill and I go back further than either of us would like to admit. Our acquaintance began in the mid-1980s. He has a fishing lodge in northern Ontario; it’s a great place to catch giant northern pike on a fly rod, and then pick up a few walleyes for shore lunch every day. I love Bill’s place.

  • By: Jerry Hamza

Field Test

Fishing in winter conditions, you need the right gear to give yourself a snowball’s chance.

  • By: Ted Leeson

Sporting Life

I went fishing a few days after my mother died, and not long before her funeral. This was after I asked my sister if she needed me for anything and she told me, no, everything was being taken care of. The subtext here is that I’m not the one in the family anyone would trust with such important arrangements.

  • By: John Gierach
  • Illustrations by: Bob White
Name Fly Rod & Reel, Autumn 2014
Publication Year 2014
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